How I got to LESS...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Katie. I have always been a go-getter. I am a foodie. I love sunny days, baking, sharing a glass of wine with friends, puppies, a good belly laugh, silliness of all sorts, trying new things, hanging with my family, and most importantly, I believe in the saving power of Jesus. 

But a few years back, I found myself not having time to enjoy any of those things. I was ruled by my schedule: go to work. come home. feed baby. put baby to bed. feed husband/self. put husband/self to bed. repeat. That left only the weekends for THE GOOD STUFF - and even then it was a challenge to really enjoy it because there were pesky things like grocery shopping and laundry that always seemed to get in the way. 

Which led to an epiphany! I was in the tub (it's where I do my best thinking), sulking about how another day had gone by that was all status meetings and emails, when I realized that I was putting all the stuff I "had" to do way above the stuff I NEED to do on the priority list. I NEED to invest in my kids.  I NEED to have enough time to make healthy food and feed my body good things. (I'm a celiac, so I can't just pick up take-out every day for dinner...unfortch.) I NEED to have fulfilling relationships outside my career. I NEED to have a little margin in my life to have time to see friends, help neighbors, and serve. I NEED to have energy left in my day to invest in my marriage. AKA - I need THE GOOD STUFF. So I turned my life a little upside down to make room for THE GOOD STUFF. I quit working outside the home. I quit over-committing. We moved out of the city. We don't take fancy vacations. We budget. I cook most of our meals. It wasn't easy. And, as with anything worth doing, there have been challenges along the way. But I have never regretted it - not for one second - and I believe it's led to a fuller, freer life for me and my family. This blog is dedicated to the journey I'm on; of letting go of all the junk that keeps us from experiencing THE GOOD STUFF. I hope it inspires you to do the same!